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debt consolidation

Yes or No: Can You Consolidate Debt Into a Home Loan?

Did you know that credit card debt in the United States crossed the $1 trillion mark in 2019? As far as total debt amounts go, Americans are officially dealing with a debt crisis. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a credit card, per se. The actual problem with unsecured debts like credit cards is the soaring-high interest rates that come

How to Prepare for Debt Resolution

Has a little piece of plastic landed you in a big struggle? If you’re one of the roughly 67 million Americans who can’t pay their credit card bills this year, the answer is likely affirmative. Thankfully, there are debt resolution programs that can help. Yet, you need to know what you’re getting into, first.  Before you contact

Need Help With Debt? 5 Resources You Can Use Today

If you think you’re alone in needing help with debt, you aren’t. Almost 300 million Americans suffer financially from debt. Fortunately for you, there are options to help you take care of the money you owe. Read on to learn about five resources available to you to help you manage your debt. Help With Debt Your

Debt Restructuring: How Do I Know It’s Been Done Right?

The average American is swimming in debt. For businesses, debt is an acceptable way to expand operations. Individuals are taking on debt just to get by. Loans and credit cards are needed to go to college, drive to work, and keep the lights on at home. The average American has over $6,000 in credit card debt. On

True or False: Is It Smart to Get a Personal Loan to Consolidate Debt?

More than 20 million Americans have taken out personal loans, carrying an average balance of more than $16,000. In recent years, the popularity of this type of unsecured debt has grown exponentially. Now, people are turning to personal loans to cover myriad expenses, from home projects to vacations. They’re also using them to help fund their other

The Truth About Why Americans Have Too Much Debt

Raise your hand if you have more than four credit cards, a car payment, and mortgage, and student loans. Keep your hand up if you’re afraid to look at your credit card or student loan statements because you don’t want to know how high that balance is. Now raise your hand if you feel like

What to Do If You’ve Been Denied Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit

When you’re overwhelmed by multiple forms of debt, a consolidation loan can offer much-needed assistance Designed to roll your myriad obligations into a single monthly payment with more favorable terms, these loans can help you get back on your feet and achieve financial stability. However, they aren’t given out blindly. Lenders will look at various factors to

How to Get Your Debt Paid Off the Smart Way

Are you one of the millions of Americans struggling to pay off debt? If so, it can feel like an impossible mountain to climb. Between the money you owe, sky-high interest rates, and a sinking credit score, it might seem as though you’re destined to be in the red forever. However, there are plenty of

Understanding the Process to Achieve Zero Debts

If you are burdened by debt, you’re not alone.  Household debt has been rising unstoppably for more than 19 quarters. The average household in the US now has roughly $38,000 in debt. This figure excludes home mortgages. Shouldering high levels of debt is has a number of negative effects. It reduces or eradicates one’s ability to save, can

Debt and Depression: What You Should Know About Debt and Mental Health

The average American has $38,000 in personal debt. Whether you have student loans or a mortgage to pay off, it can have a tremendous impact on your mental well-being. Worrying about taking care of debt, especially a huge amount, can easily consume you. This, in turn, may significantly impact your life. Do you have debt and