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8 Tips on Resolving U.S. Credit Card Debt

Getting into credit card debt is easy. Paying it off is another story. If you find yourself carrying more debt than you should, you aren’t alone. Dealing with monthly bills and life’s unexpected expenses make getting out of credit card debt seem like an impossible task. If you’re trying to reduce your U.S. credit card

What’s the Best Way to Pay Off Multiple Credit Cards?

According to reports, the average American has up to four credit cards.  Juggling multiple cards can easily cause one to max out one’s limits. Which is why it’s not surprising that the average card balance has now hit $6,200. Do these numbers sound all too familiar? Are you struggling to pay off multiple cards at once? If so, it can

5 Spectacular Ways to Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt

Consumer debt as of the end of 2019 was $14 trillion. That was before coronavirus and the current growing number of people filing for unemployment. Currently, people are amassing even more credit card debt as unemployed people are using credit cards to pay rent, utilities, and a host of other things during the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate.

A Step-By-Step Guide to the Credit Card Debt Consolidation Process

According to statistics, over 60% of American households hold credit cards, with the average debt being $6,194.  While not ideal, credit card debt of $6,194 might not be unmanageable if you aren’t burdened with a lot of other debt. However, what if your credit card debt is more than this? What if you have multiple lines of

5 Creative Ways to Reduce Your Credit Card Interest Rate

Are you struggling each month to pay credit card bills that carry outrageous interest rates? It can feel as if you’ll never pay off your balance. Is there anything legal that an honest, hardworking person can do to get a lower credit card interest rate? Fortunately, there is. In fact, there are a number of

5 Hacks to Get out of Credit Card Debt Fast

The American people are falling deeper into debt. The United States total credit card debt now exceeds $1 trillion.  While credit card debt ranks below mortgages, auto, and student loans, lenders view credit card debt as the worst of the group.  You cannot build equity with a credit card like a home or vehicle. Student loans

How to Consolidate Your Credit Card Debt in 2020

Credit cards offer great financial opportunities and rewards given they’re used as intended. Unfortunately, sometimes relying on credit cards become your only financial option. This, then, creates the cycle of credit card debt. The average American carries 4 credit cards. They also tend to carry close to $6k in credit card debt, too. Some can manage but for

Debt and Credit Consolidation Mistakes You Need to Avoid at All Costs

Feeling overwhelmed and consumed by debt? If so, debt and credit consolidation programs can help. These combine all of your individual loans into one new loan (often with a lower interest rate), making your monthly obligations that much more manageable. While resourceful tools, these programs can actually loosen your financial footing if you don’t handle them the right way.

7 Things You Should Know Before Taking Credit Card Loans

Research from 2019 revealed that 70% of people with credit card debt couldn’t pay it off by the end of the year. While credit cards can be great resources, they can also lead to overwhelming debt if you’re unable to keep up with the mounting expenses. That’s why it’s smart to be informed before you even sign

Why You Should Consolidate Credit Card Debt With Debthunch

Credit card debt in the US has been soaring, reaching over $1 trillion in 2019. The average household is estimated to carry approximately $8,398 in card debt. If you are shouldering a growing debt on your credit card, it’s time to get out from under it. But where to start? One of the ways is to consolidate